Cave Art

Today was experimenting and researching with painting my own cave art

New York

2016 New York Photography and Program approved by the best arts school in New York The School of Visual Arts, Daniel was enriched in culture exploring famous art houses The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, colloquially “the Met,” is the largest art museum in the United States and The Museum of Modern Art is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan. Daniel spent weeks travelling in New York studying the culture and photographing the city and its people.

Fort Lyton

Today’s shoot was planned to be at Fort Lytton 9.30am. I have not been to this location before so I did not know what to expect. Our group were split on the idea of shooting here as some of us could not see how to use this location to be creative and did not think the time of day was suitable for the best lighting conditions. I decided as a photographer I should be able make something out of any situation so I felt this challenge would help me think outside the box.

I left early to have a snoop around, I took extra gear today. I packed some studio lights and a few torches and my speed light. Lucky we could get one car close to the fort so it wasn’t too far to carry. I scouted around the place, the fortress was partially underground, there were passageways, munition stores, huge turret guns, lots of separate areas most with machine gun peep holes to shoot approaching enemy through. There was a mote surrounding the fort with very high dirt mounds that make it very difficult to attack in from the rear where you could be flanked.

I could not believe the amount of munitions that must have been stored here the place is a labyrinth of thick steel and concrete tunnels. The concrete bunkers were strategically placed and well prepared to protect any invasion of enemy ships via the Brisbane river.

I noticed the cracks in the concrete on the ceiling above me, the hairline fractures had a green mould where many years of moisture has creped through the structure. It almost looks like a marble effect. The windows let the light filter in the rooms are surprisingly light.

I took my time exploring the fort I imagined what it might have been like when it was in full action. It would have been top secret stuff back in the days of the war, I can only imagine how much work it was to construct the place. It would have been a mammoth task.

I used the 5/4 and took a shot of the main structures from the middle of the fort. It was fun shooting with film I look forward to developing the shot too see if I will be rewarded with a gem.

Back to the shots of the concrete structures I tried to take shots I could composite into, maybe I could have the structure buried in sand revealing some of the building. I collected a few shots mainly of structures to see what I can do with them via compositing.

The day was sunny and hot the sun was high but i think this helped to increase the contrast and light in the else dark concrete bunkers and tunnels. I may revisit this location and try some other techniques, maybe at night with lights inside or on a re enactment day to show the idea of the past use of the fort.

“bunkers and structures from the past”

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7th April

Into the darkroom


Its been a few years but I was guided through the precessing and timing. 1:1 = 50/50 The film container was 1.5L So I prepared the chemicals 750ml of Developer + 750ml of water. Stop  1.5L batch of water and 1,5L of fixer. In the dark I remove the plate film and fit 2 shots into the agitator seal the lid so it is light safe then with the lights back on. Referring to the charts on film type and exposure time  I start the first 8 minutes in the developer agitating every 30 seconds for 15 seconds.   Then 2 minutes in the stop  followed by 8 minutes in the fixer. The fixer can be reused so it was re containered.  To my success the development went very well and I have a great negatives to create a few test exposures with. Over the the darkroom to I set up the neg plate and timer, set the contrasts 4, 4, 4 as a starting point. Then do test exposures at 30, 20 , 10  seconds. I liked the tonal range at 20 but a few areas lost some detail in the final test I went 14 Seconds with a bit of dodging.

It is a lost of effort but worth every minute working with film I should do more of it.


Perling Brook Falls

Today was overcast and drizzly, our group planned to meet at the planed location 9.30 am. I left early to do some exploring on my way. I stopped at Hinze dam for a look and grabbed a few shots then headed to the falls. I noticed some nice water droplets on the flowers so I was inspired to capture the shot some nice colour and shape from the flowers they came out ok.

At the falls I started at the top area and tried to get some shots from the top of the fall but the position and angles from the lookout point made it difficult to get a decent composition. I turned to the landscape and the mist rising from the forest below. I fitted a few filters to cut down the bright white cloudy sky. As the rain continues I shoot the small mountain tops falling off towards the gold coast .

I fell behind the group ad I was taking my time to enjoy the area I headed down the walk shooting a few textures along the way. Stone, wood, moss and some foliage I was thinking I may be able to use them for compositing at some stage. I stopped at each vantage point to take a few more shots of the falls and surrounding landscape as I walked along the pathway descending to to bottom of the falls I paid attention to the light and what it was revealing throughout the forest.

There were plenty of birds but they move to quickly and were too high and mainly in deep foliage so it was too hard to get a shot. Along the pathway the stone steps continued downward are the rain continued to drizzle, everything is wet and shiny the temperature is cool but humid and my camera gear is heavy on my back.

As I get to the bottom of the walk I see the group using the old 5/4 film camera the moisture is everywhere the misty water spray from the bottom of the falls is in the air and the cool fresh feeling with the noise of the falling water makes the magical effect and rewards me for my short hike to this location.

I take a few shots as I approach the falls the pathway surrounded by trees shows a glimps of the falls and some light on the dirt floor leads your eye to the waterfall. Th see the group are heading off over the suspension bridge so I take a few shots and catch up to them on the path way ahead.

It is some walk climbing and climbing  everyone is damp and sweaty it is muggy and we have a decent hike back carrying all the camera gear is a bit of effort. I wanted to use the outing as a bit of exercise so I pushed hard to catch up to the front of the group. Finally I caught up and we made it back to the top lookout area then headed back to the car park.

At the car park the group discovered a few surprises as leeches are showing up on everyone’s legs and feet, after some quick de leaching we pack up have a quick refreshment and head home. Today was a great way to spend a day in nature doing what I love and learning to push myself in my work.

Here are a few of my shots from the day.

“some postcard shots from a rainy day at springbrook”

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The Business Side

Today I was working on an assessment on cultural research, it was my aim to argue that a Photographer is and artist. In a lot of cases I found key points to support my thinking.

Some artists will always argue a photographer can not be and artist I would say that is not very creative.

Art is subjective and holds value to the beholder and not matter the opinions photography has been accepted as are by galleries all around the world.

Master Exhibition

Creating a body of work will be a fun and exciting process, the important components like documentation and research will help me establish a solid basis for my own evolving  into a free minded artist. Exploring will help me unlock my potential simply keeping this blog will be how I document the things on my mind. Maybe emotions and day to day things but the real value is what I get to create and share. I imagine how my journey will unfold as I challenge myself to become a master of my work.

Studying the evolution or art I have realised I wast to try and composite my images over the most ancient medium being stone it is the oldest form of canvas known to mankind. I will shoot a series of suitable photos of rock to try a test with my thoughts.

1st April 2016

The rock and sand tests went well, I have the technical method planned for the combining of the different images. I while back I started planning my 10 shot ideas, these will be for my master exhibition and the 3 AIPP entries. I am finding it hard to get the exact elements for each shot as usual I am making life hard for myself. I need to go to several locations to collect the assets and my main concern is the image quality and the correct lighting.

I wanted to keep my ideas a surprise for my exhibition to have a little more impact so I have not shared it too openly with my group at this point. I also thought about collecting the physical elements I am using and placing them in my final display, this may include projecting on the textures of these items.

Concepts I am working on are nature based and inspired from ancient art starting in caves on stone. I have picked several natural elements to work with and I will combine them with human form. In reverse I will try to use man made objects and add natural elements to them as well as human form.

Image of StoneNatural Element is Stone
I like the idea of stone as it is the oldest known
form of canvas for art. I want to combine human
form with the stone. I want it to look like a form
of ancient carving or statue on the stone
maintaining the natural texture in its own environment.
Image of SandNatural Element is Sand
I am visualising the beach right
where the ocean water moves
back and forth on the shoreline,
in the sand is the form of
human shape. Left is my draft example.
Image of WoodNatural Element Wood
Using the grain and texture from fallen trees too mould and carve the female form so it is not looking to unnatural.The two blend together in harmony the aged timber and the human have now been joined as one.

Visual Diary

Well I know I can not draw and my mind is trying to over think everything as usual. I want to get my hands on something to use as my visual diary that is a little different so I start gathering my ideas and start collecting the basic elements. Paper is on my mind, I wonder where to find a variety of stock papers finally I pop into office works and find they have a large range of art paper.

I look for some textures like canvas and fine art rag paper  as well at some more standard drawing paper. I also find charcoal and a variety of drawing tools but I only looked at what they had and did not purchase drawing items.

I already have a variety of paints brushes and pencils to use so I only needed to make the diary I decided to combine paper and digital by using a nice leather ipad case I cut the paper to the size of an ipad and cut out pages to resemble a book. I rough cut the edges to make it more textured. I was thinking about tea staining the pages.

The hard bit is trying to draw my ideas onto paper I can only try.  I will work on a couple of pages a week when I finish in May I will bind and glue the finished pages. The end result will be a electronic ipad with my digital inspirations on a slideshow side by side with my hand made visual diary.


Color and Light

The sun is god when it comes to natural light you can not reproduce it artificially not the real deal. I look at light every day I take notice of its intensity the shadows the places it passes through like fog and trees early in the morning. The rays of light falling from the clouds always mesmerizes me it is so beautiful. You see the particles floating through the air in the light you feel its warmth and I know it make life on the planet exist. it is ancient and as it provides the beauty we see with our eyes in landscapes, over oceans and deserts. it lights our faces and eyes and makes things sparkle no doubt it makes things beautiful.

Working towards my concept on body sculpting I have been experimenting with a lighting that allows me to hide the unwanted aspects of the shot. I am sculpting the subjects form not as rim light but as a light to reveal shape and texture.

City Thoughts


Based on my body landscape work, I think I would take the concept to the cityscape. I had a vision of composting people into the faces of the buildings. I want textures and light to create contrast and depth while a unique angle may give the perspective of the building laying down.

The shots from today were not too extraordinary.  The rush from place to place and the time of day were not ideal scenarios but as photographers we need to be able to work with what is in front of us.

To improve the shots some location scouting and late afternoon light may have assisted in providing a different results.

A few shots from my walk around the streets of Brisbane city for a few hours.

“Creative styling on a few shots from Brisbane City, I am experimenting with some styling ideas.for my arts study.”

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350 Hours

Today I need to develop my ideas the next six months are about pushing myself beyond the limits I have around me. I believe the only limits is my mind and I want to take my thoughts outside the things I have been trained to do. I will emerge myself in the process of being creative and finding out just how far I can push myself. I will convince myself the only reason to exist is to take the seemingly impossible visions from my mind and embed them into creations. I am aiming to evolve a recipe with ingredients meshing technology, photography, elements anything I conceive  in my mind. I will refine and experiment until I create my masterpiece. I will share finally it with others through exhibitions. My reward will be the feeling of completion and knowing I can open my mind and make an idea a real object something tangible that others can enjoy.

Some Assessments require research and experimentation so I started on my project with doing exactly that. Working on my concepts and building the idea into my assignment.

My Research Sources

Internet Websites

Redlands Library  
– books on history and evolution of art from photographers
Gerald Smith, The Weekend Artist, Mar 2016
Melanie Testa, Dreaming from the Journal Page, Mar 2016
Lisa Cyr, Art Revolution, Mar 2016
Al Seckel, Masters of Deception, Mar 2016
The Illustrated Story of Art, Mar 2016

9th April 2016

Had an interesting week thinking about achieving my 10 shots and AIPP entries. I am feeling overwhelmed by my ideas, I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I spent some time developing the 5/4 plates from Fort Lytton. It has been a long time since I was in the darkroom developing film. The result was good I went the usual 10, 20,30 second tests ended up trying 23 seconds and cut back too 18 with a bit of dodging.

Back to my photos I started looking back at the very first shoot I did of a friend at a few different locations. I remembered the rocks and sand. We took a series of natural light portraits at the beach on Stradbroke Island and the following week we tried a couple of high end hotels at the Gold Coast. Revisiting the shots I see all my mistakes but I was able to get some nice sharp shots as well. all I wanted to do was use the available sunlight it was very cloudy and I only had a few short chances to use it.

I remember at the time it was good to use a camera and it was what inspired me to take up photography and learn how to shoot like a pro. I spend the next 3 years studying full time.