Craig Tapp Cultural Artist

CV  Craig Tapp Cultural Artist  

8 Stradbroke Place, Dunwich, Qld. 4183
Mobile: 0432 427 338 – email:

I am an Aboriginal Artist,  cultural youth mentor who supports the maintenance and promotion of culture of the clans of the Quandamooka region Our art is important to us because we can express ourselves, paint our stories and share our culture with our community and visitors to the Redlands and Moreton Bay  Islands.

The Indigenous people of Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) and the Quandamooka region have an uninterrupted history of living on an island that dates back thousands of years to be preserved and protected for our future generations  

My art work  includes acrylic on canvas, sand art on canvas. Jewellery designs carved from dugong bone and coral.  As an environmental /ecological ephemeral artist I create designs in the sand using ocker, quoompie shells, pipi shells, quoompie pearls, black coal, red, blue, green and yellow mineral sands and clay high lighting the celebration of nature and the need to reclaim damaged landscapes, restore ecosystems to establish a balanced coexistence with natural systems.     

Art Work Exhibitions, Art Festivals, Art Work Installations, Activities 2004 – 2013

I commenced my art career in 2004 with a short break – 2009-2010 when I spent spiritual time in the Central Dessert. From 2004 to present I have been actively involved with the Salt Water Murri Quandamooka  Gallery Artist Collective

2004 Design of  (SIDS) Sudden Infants Death Syndrome Poster

2005 University of Qld. SWMQ Gallery Artist Exhibition – The Stolen Generation

2006 SWMQ Gallery Artist Collective   Cleveland Art Gallery

2007 SWMQ Gallery Artist Collective – Post Card Exhibition

2008 CIAF – Cairns Indigenous Art Fare – SWMQ Gallery Artist Collective

2011 CIAF – Cairns Indigenous Art Festival – SSWMQ Gallery Artist Collective  

2011 Lines In The Sand Festival, Stradbroke Island  Sand Art Installation Workshops

2012 CIAF – Cairns Indigenous Art Festival – SWMQ Gallery Artist Collective

2012 White Canvas Brisbane, SWMQ Gallery Artist Collective

2012 Lines in the Sand Festival, Stradbroke Island, Art Installation Workshops

2012 Island Vibes Festival, Stradbroke Island, Art Installation Workshops

2012 Alexander Hills High School grounds, Yarning Circle, Art Work on Poles

2012 Redland City Council Buzz Festival, Sand Art Installation

2013 Invited to  design, install  Sand Art Installation – Lines in the Sand Festival

2013 Invited to apply to design and install Sand Art Installation  & Workshops

Redland Ignites Art Festival  

2013 Wynnum Child Safety Family Fun Day – April Sand Art Installation & Workshop

2013 Invited to design install Sand Art Installation Island Vibes Festival, North Stradbroke Island

2013      Invited to design install Sand Art Installation  – Bush Tucker Festival No. Stradbroke Island  

2013 Successful Applicant to Redland City Council – Conservation Grant – Solo Exhibition to be held at Wooloogabba Art Gallery and  Cleveland Library– Oct. 2013 titled: “[Mother Earth Coming Together For all the Children.